New and Remanufactured Locomotives

Locomotives to Fit All Your Requirements

MP&ES delivers locomotives for sale, tailored to fit your operational and budget requirements. We provide no-cost analysis of your tractive effort requirements, considering loads, curves and grades. Let us understand your needs and we will deliver the ideal locomotive.

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loco-on-gridNew Gen-Set Locomotives

MP&ES has developed completely new, optimized designs for twin Gen-Set locomotives. These exclusively MP&ES manufactured locomotives are now in use in several countries, delivering high performance with fuel usage 30% lower than conventional, single engine locomotives. They are available to meet your specific emissions requirements, including up to US EPA Tier 4. Premium operator controls are also available.

Q668 Afterualified Locomotives

MP&ES provides highly cost effective options for our customers by delivering qualified locomotives for sale to meet a wide range of operational needs. We are constantly acquiring used locomotives and making the repairs needed to bring them up to fully qualified condition. Our customers rely on MP&ES to rapidly deliver the best solution for their operational need.

SCPR-LocoRemanufactured and Repowered Locomotives

MP&ES is a leading provider of remanufactured and/or repowered locomotives for sale that enable our customers to acquire nearly new locomotives that will operate reliably and cost effectively for many years. We can perform a full remanufacturing of your existing locomotive. Often, we deliver a similar, but already remanufactured locomotive in exchange for your existing one, eliminating any down time in your operation.

blue-1500Greenville™ Natural Gas Locomotives

MP&ES is at the forefront of delivering the latest technology for major reductions in operating fuel costs and emissions. We enable you to run on low cost, US sourced natural gas. The dual fuel (natural gas/diesel) Greenville™ locomotive is the culmination of more than two years of development and will be available beginning later in 2014.

Locomotive Leasing

MP&ES leases locomotives that are qualified, remanufactured and/or repowered. Flexible terms are available to meet your needs. We have numerous cores ready for custom remanufacturing. MP&ES is also interested in buying or swapping out locomotive cores as part of a sale or lease deal.

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