MP&ES Management

David Wilkerson – CEO and President

Mr. Wilkerson is the founder and CEO/President of MP&ES and has nearly 30 years of experience in the locomotive and manufacturing industries. Since founding MP&ES in 1999, he continuously built a company now well recognized for providing the highest quality manufacturing and service to the locomotive industry. Mr. Wilkerson is one of the foremost industry experts in locomotives, with considerable expertise in all aspects of mechanical, rotating and electrical applications and design. He has established the company’s reputation for refurbishment and repowering of locomotives while also designing and developing upgraded systems for retrofit, enabling major improvements in environmental impact and operational efficiency. He ultimately developed an entirely new locomotive that is built by MP&ES and in use by a number of customers. Mr. Wilkerson continues to provide direct, hands-on leadership of MP&ES and drives the company’s expansion.

Doug McMillan – Senior Vice President

Mr. McMillan is a senior management and operations professional with more than 20 years experience in transportation, shipping and finance. As Senior Vice President at MP&ES, he directs all company operations, production and strategic planning. Previously, Mr. McMillan held numerous senior management positions with The David J. Joseph Company including President and CEO of Joseph Transportation, where he directed all operations in the purchase, sale, lease and management of rail, marine and locomotive assets. In his career, Mr. McMillan also served in multiple senior management positions, both division and corporate, with several transportation and commodities trading companies. He holds a BA and MBA from the University of North Florida.

Doug Thomson – Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Thomson is a product and business development engineer with more than 25 years of experience in bringing innovative products to all aspects of the transportation market. He heads up new business development at MP&ES, including the drive to provide dual fuel (diesel/natural gas) locomotives. Previously, Mr. Thomson was Executive Vice President of Products for EcoDual, Inc., where he led development of their dual fuel system for heavy truck engines, directing all product development as well as EPA and CARB certification testing. Prior to EcoDual, Mr. Thomson was with QinetiQ North America/Foster-Miller for 21 years, where he headed various domestic and international businesses notably including the development of advanced military aircraft structures, body borne electronic systems, freight locomotive safety systems and commercial aircraft safety technologies. He began his career with Sikorsky Aircraft, developing crash safety systems for helicopters. Mr. Thomson holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University.