MP Series Trucks

The Greenville locomotive

Truck Assemblies

Two (2) two-wheel spring over journal box, swivel truck assemblies. These truck assemblies are completely interchangeable and are equipped with integrated sand boxes.

Each of the four (4) motors is supported by the driving axle to which it is geared, and a special suspension on the truck transom provides a flexible support, dampening the torque shocks of the motor.


Axles with journals to suit roller bearings. Axle material conforms to physical properties of current AAR specifications.


Wrought or cast steel, heat treated, rim quenched, 40″ diameter with 2-1/2″ rim. Wheel profile to be AAR-1B unless otherwise specified by customer. AAR diameter index groove is provided.

Journal Boxes

Locomotive equipped is with roller bearings 6-1/2″ x 12″ sealed class F bearings designed for locomotive application.


Lined with composition nylon or metal ware plates and secured to frame.

Pedestal Tie Bars

Fitted and applied to the lower end of the pedestal legs, held in position by bolts.

Truck Center Bearing Receptacle

Truck center bearing receptacle provided with wear plates and dust guard.

Side Bearings

Plain side bearings.

Self Adjusting Brake Adjuster

The MP800-B locomotive is equipped with automatic self-adjusting brake systems. Which will keep the brake shoe contact at an optimum position until the brake shoe no longer has any life left and has to be changed.


Body and truck interlocks provided each side of the center plate, serving as anti-sluing device in case of derailment.

Truck Brakes

Single shoe rigging provided on each wheel, operated by 9″ x 8″ brake cylinders or clasp brake rigging provided on each wheel, operated by individual brake cylinders.

Slack Adjusters

Pin type slack adjusters.

Brake Pins

All pins and bushings hardened and ground. All holes in brake rigging bushed.

Hand Brake

Hand brake provided for the locomotive connected to one brake cylinder lever only. All trucks provided with lever for hand brake connection, making trucks interchangeable.

Optional electrically operated hand brake available.

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