MP Series Power Plant and Transmission

The Greenville locomotive

EFG = Environmentally Friendly Gensets


Various engines configurations delivering a total combined hp to your site specific requirements for rail traction.


2 each 500kw AC main alternator; 480 volt (nominal) alternating current rating. Armature shaft supported by single bearings with direct connection to engine crankshaft through alternator rotor and flexible coupling. Adequate capacity to continuously transmit the rated output of the engine under all conditions for which the locomotive is designed.

Alternator Excitation

Excitation for generator supplied through on-board power system.

AC Power Supply

480 volt, 3 phase, to supply AC power for traction motor cooling fan induction motors, air compressor induction motor, battery cooling fan induction motor(s), and auxiliary AC equipment, including control circuits and lighting.

Locomotive Control

High voltage circuits safeguarded by protective fuses and circuit breakers. Full range wheel slip control with automatic sanding under wheel slip conditions. Delivering the highest level of tractive effort to the rail.

Load Control

Load control provided to automatically maintain horsepower output in accordance with the published power characteristics of the locomotive.

Traction Motors

Four (4) direct current, series wound, forced ventilated, axle hung or equivalent motors with high capacity roller type armature bearings. New bearing seals, Teflon covered string bands and improved pinion gear contour are all provided. (Contract Specific).

Engine Starting

Engine is started using the starter motor located on the engine which is energized by the locomotive storage battery system. Engine start is automatic based on power requirements.

Storage Batteries

The MP800-B uses 3 each 8 volt or 2 each 12 volt DC (nominal), 24 volt battery system. Battery ampere hour ratings are sufficient to deliver the starting and operational systems of the MP800-B locomotive.

Engine Cooling

Pressurized cooling system consisting of a common set of radiators located in the locomotive mechanical module. A water tank mounted as a unit in each GenSet power module Automatic water temperature control, hot engine alarm, and engine shutdown in the event of low water level are included.

Engine Lubrication

The engine lubricating oil system is a driven oil pump located on each engine in each EFG (Environmentally Friendly Gensets). The oil supply is drawn through an oil filter as designed by engine OEM for the best engine oil system efficiency.

Low oil pressure and oil temperature protection is provided resulting in engine shutdown.

Engine Air Intake Filters

Paper filters provided for engine intake air. Engine specific filters approved by engine OEM for fuel and oil.

Engine Exhaust

Each engine has two connected manifolds, one each side of engine, discharge into a muffler with exhaust through roof.

Engine Fuel System

Return flow, single OEM fuel pump, protected by suction strainer, and discharge filters with filter by-pass and indicator to ensure clean fuel for the engine. Relief valve offers protection against excessive pressures. Or as required by engine OEM engineering department.

Fuel Tank

Fuel capacity will range from unit to unit to fit our customer’s site specific requirements for range, speed, safety, etc. Standard fuel capacities start at 400 to 1,000 gallons and will increase to meet the site specific and operational requirements. The fuel tanks are built of heavy gauge stainless steel, with baffle plates, located underneath the locomotive body. One filling station on each side. Tank equipped with venting, cleanout plug, and non-removable water drain. Fuel tank will comply with AAR standard S-5506 requirements.

One fuel gauge on each side of tank. Each filling station provided with electric emergency fuel cutoff actuating button. Similar push-button located in cab. When operated, engines stop immediately.

Engineer’s Control Station

A standard control station is located conveniently to the left of the engineer’s seat, includes the locomotive throttle, locomotive reverse lever, and automatic and independent brake handles. The lever logic arrangement is such that the throttle must be in idle before the direction can be set to engage in the opposite direction. The horn valve, bell valve and independent sander switch are also located in the control stand. Alternative operator stations are available and are designed to meet our customer’s site specific requirements.

Engineer’s Control Switches

Control and lighting switches located within reach of the engineer, including switches for control and fuel pump, generator field, engine run, gauge lights, headlight “bright” front and rear, headlight “dim” front and rear. Engines stop number and class light and isolation switches located on rear cab wall. Cab heater switches are located on cab heaters providing individual control.

Engineer’s Instrument Panel

A lighted instrument panel is provided on top of the engineer’s controller containing air brake gauges, wheel slip light, warning lights, and the traction motor load indicating meter.

An LCD control panel is provided for monitoring engine systems and setting control parameters.

Speed Recorder

A combination instrument containing the speed indicating dial or display, speed recorder is provided on the front cab wall in front of the engineer. (Front end only)

Equipment Air Supply

The locomotive is equipped with filter systems where applicable to filter carbody, radiator, air ducting, traction motor cooling, etc. to keep the foreign debris from entering compartments and equipment.

Electrical Control Cabinet

A totally enclosed, readily accessible, cabinet houses the locomotive high and low voltage control equipment. Fault display panel is provided on the cabinet to indicate equipment malfunctions. An operator interface is located in the cab of the MP&ES locomotives and is designed to assist in the troubleshooting of apparatus, failures and reduce time in getting the locomotive back in service.

Additional remote enclosures are mounted in the hood section to facilitate ease of maintenance, troubleshooting and replacement of components. These remote enclosures houses various systems from control equipment for the radiator cooling fan motors, air compressor motor, rear truck traction motor blower to rear battery compartment blower (if equipped).

Control equipment includes a complete complement of control circuit plug-in modules, high capacity solid state power drives, and high voltage reverser and cutout switches. Manufacturers of these components range from, but are not limited to: Cummins, Hubble, Siemens, Allen Bradley, and more. All of which have parts/support networks in most countries throughout the world. This critical network of suppliers is a major part of the MP&ES locomotive design and will allow our MP&ES locomotive customers to be in control of their support needs and facilitate timely repairs. This ultimately will give more quality service and less down time from the MP&ES locomotives.

Dynamic Brakes (optional)

Dynamic brakes use the traction motors as generators, providing electrical braking when the locomotive is operated in dynamic mode. The dynamic brake hatch is equipped with resistors and a cooling fan to dissipate the heat created by the power being generated from the traction motors.

Positive indication of “power” or “dynamic brake” mode of operation is clearly shown at controller. Optional extended range dynamic brake providing high braking effort at low speed, allowing dynamic braking down to ½ MPH.

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