MP Series Locomotive Modifications

The Greenville locomotiveThe following modifications can be supplied on request to satisfy various operating requirements. The base price of the locomotive described in this specification does not include these modifications.

Multiple Control

Multiple control equipment available to allow operating two or more units from one cab. Locomotive equipped with one 27 point power plant receptacle per end and one power plant jumper cable is provided. Multiple unit control includes the A-1 charging valve for break-in-two protection.

Water Cooler

Water cooler or refrigerator cooler is available. Cup dispenser is available.


Toilet system can be installed with a chemical type flush system with water tank, or dry hopper is available as an option.  (Customer specific option)

Fuel Tank

Fuel tanks up to 3600 gallons are available.

A double wall fuel tank is available for severe duty environments such as mines or underground (tunnel) operations.

Cab Seat

Third cab seat, slide rail mounted is available.

Cab Air Conditioning

Single or dual Red Dot systems to be installed with adequate capacity to keep the cab temperate comfortable for the operator.

Single Shoe Brake Truck Assemblies

Interchangeable, four wheel, single shoe brake truck assemblies are available as a modification.

Straight across bolster is supported at each end by rubber spring pads on the frame. The truck frame is supported at each of the four journals by standard twin coil journal springs. Two hydraulic dampers are located between frame and journal box, at diagonally opposite corners, to insure vertical stability. Swing hangers are shorter and safety straps redesigned compared to the clasp brake truck. Each of the four motors is supported by the driven axle to which it is geared. Special nose support on the truck transom provides flexible support to dampen motor torque shocks.

16” composition brake shoes, on SD type brake heads, are utilized on single shoe brake rigging which utilizes same cylinder levers, brackets and air cylinder mounting as used on GP clasp brake trucks. Other brake levers are designed especially for this single shoe truck. Two brake cylinders (9” x 8”), diagonally located and frame mounted are provided.

Hand brake application is same as for the clasp brake truck.

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