MP Series General Information

The Greenville locomotive


Various HP available in Tier 3 or 4 engine packages delivering environmentally friendly locomotive.

Some sample models


AAR Designation (B-B), common designation (0440).


The locomotive consists of one unit complete with one or two EFG generator sets, batteries, electrical control system, trucks and all necessary accessories for single unit operation, with a control cab between the long and short hoods.


Locomotive outline drawing found in rear of specification book illustrates clearance conditions.
Note: The above unit specifications may change depending on the customer’s site specific requirements and if the unit has one engine, alternators and compressor or two.

Safety Appliances

All steps, grab handles and other safety appliances will comply with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) requirements.

Curve Negotiation

Truck swing limits single unit curve negotiation to a 75 ft radius curve.

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