MP Series Equipment

The Greenville locomotive

Cab Heating and Ventilating

The standard single cab heater and defroster with fan driven air circulating system, and selective outside air intake will be provided at the operator station. Optional two dual heating systems are available.

Window Wipers

Electric operated window wipers are provided for the operator’s front and rear windows of the cab. Additional wipers are available as an option.

Sun Visors

Total of two adjustable sun visors are provided at the operators station.

Cab Seats

The two wall mounted upholstered cab seats have forward and backward as well as height adjustments. Both seats can be turned 180 degrees. Arm rests are provided outside the side windows.

Fire Extinguishers

Two 20 lb. Fire extinguishers will be provided.  One located under the hood and one located in cab.


Twin sealed-beam headlights, front and rear, are equipped designed for a 24 volt system and is adjustable by using the bright and dim switch for each light provided in operator’s station located in the cab.

Warning Devices

Three chime diaphragm type air horn will be installed. Two chimes will be pointing forward and one to the rear with lever operated modulating horn valve located at the operators station. Horn is located on center line of cab roof.

One locomotive bell with internal pneumatic ringer, located in underframe.

Locomotive Lighting

Lights and outlets are as follows:

  1. Two ceiling cab lights
  2. Power Module lights
  3. Two ground lights
  4. Eight number lights
  5. Three gauge lights
  6. 110v AC outlet receptacles: one located in cab and one in the electrical locker.
  7. One short hood compartment light
  8. Two platform lights, one each end

Number Boxes

Four lighted number boxes, two on each end of locomotive, mounted at an angle for both forward and rear visibility. Numbers are painted on plastic windows and are not removable.


Two coat hooks provided in cab.

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