MP Series Carbody Construction

The Greenville locomotive


Underframe is of constant section design and serves as main carrying member for hoods, cab and equipment. Two channel side sills supported by center sills support catwalk along side of hoods. Draft gear pockets are welded to the built-up platform construction between center sills. The structure is all welded construction.


Floor plates with antiskid surface are welded to underframe on end platforms and along side of hoods. Floor plates with antiskid surface are integrated as battery compartment covers. An additional anti-skid surface rubber type coating is applied on the cab and walkways at the completion of the project.

Underframe Center Bearings

Welded to body bolster assembly.


Type “E”, coupler system will be installed.

Uncoupling Device

Each end of the locomotive is provided with a top operating device arranged to operate from either side of the locomotive.

Draft Gear

Standard locomotive grade rubber draft gear system will be installed.

Jacking Pads

Jacking pad and cable lift points are provided.

Platform Step

Steps are provided at each corner leading to locomotive platform.


The floor is elevated above the top of the underframe. A trap door in cab floor and side drop doors provide access to equipment beneath cab floor. Doors are located at diagonally opposite corners leading to platform alongside of hoods. Side windows on both sides of cab are sliding double sash type and fitted with latches. End windows on both sides of cab are stationary and set in a rubber retainer. Cab is of fabricated steel construction. Divided center window is provided over low short hood.


All windows are FRA compliant.

Door Locks

The cab doors are of heavy construction, fitted with an inside latch and provided with a lock.


Ceiling is lined with perforated metal, backed up by insulation, for sound reduction. Acoustic and thermal type insulation is added to the cab side walls and the rear partition of the electrical cabinet.

Battery Compartments

A battery box is provided and designed to accommodate 3 each 8 volt batteries. The battery box is equipped with doors that will facilitate ease of service and replacement. The battery box is designed to maximize ventilation, drainage and is coated with an anti-corrosive type paint system. (24 volt battery control system).


The engine compartments are designed to a minimum width to provide a walkway around the hood. Doors are conveniently located to give access to all apparatus installed in the hood compartment allowing ease of maintenance and removal of all apparatus. The hood is bolted to the subframe or deck and can be removed as a complete unit for major repairs. Dynamic brake grids (if equipped) can be removed separately.

Hood Doors

All side doors have suitable heavy duty outside hinges and latches.

Lifting Eyes

Provision is made for lifting eyes were applicable on hood and equipment to facilitate each of maintenance and removal with a crane.


The locomotive is ballasted as needed for weight and balance.

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