MP Series Air Brakes

The Greenville locomotive

Air Brakes

EBS99 Electronic braking systems is installed as standard equipment on the MP1200-C locomotive.  Optional 26 systems are available.

Foundation Brakes

9” x 8” cylinders, 5.65:1 lever ratio, 14” single composition brake shoes.
Delivering single type clasp braking. (Dual clasp is optional.)

Brake Piping

Wrought steel pipe with AAR fittings are used. Generally, all piping 1/2” O.D. and under uses nominal size steel tubing with SAE fittings.

Main Reservoir

Two steel reservoirs mounted beneath the underframe.  Both equipped with automatic draining systems and manual bypass for manual draining of tanks.

Air Compressor

One screw type air compressor 480v AC electric motor driven compressor, having a displacement of 140 cu. ft. per minute at 3540 RPM. Compressor is equipped with large oil capacity and disposable intake filter. Incorporates an integrated air drier and oil filter. Electric air compressor governor adjusted to maintain reservoir pressure between 130 and 140 psi.

Optional Mechanical compressor systems are available to meet customer site specific requirements.

Sand Capacity

2 ea 25 cu. ft. sand boxes. One sand box located at each end of the locomotive with a total capacity of 50 cu. ft. Each sand box will feed two separated sanding outlets on each end of the locomotive. Providing an outboard and inboard sanding system.

Sand boxes are filled from the outside of the locomotive on top of short hood and from walkway at rear of locomotive on long hood.


Sanding systems are controlled electrically and are equipped with a manual or automatic sanding system. The sanding system operates eight single sand traps, four located at each end of the locomotive. Sandtrap cutoff valves are provided. Outside access is provided for trap maintenance. Optional lead sanding is available.

Conductor’s Brake Valve

Conductor’s emergency brake valve is provided on the left side of the cab.

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