MP&ES History

Motive Power & Equipment Solutions, Inc. (MP&ES) is a complete products and services provider, supporting our customers with everything from parts and field service to complete new or remanufactured locomotives. For more than 15 years, our customers have counted on MP&ES to deliver the highest quality products, on-schedule, at the most competitive pricing in the industry. Worldwide there are now more than 200 locomotives built or refurbished by MP&ES, backed by our superior service and endorsed by an array of customer testimonials. MP&ES delivers great, cost effective products today. Moving forward, our ongoing development of new technology will continue to provide our customers with the best, most reliable options for emissions compliance and operating cost reductions.

MP&ES was founded in 1999 with the vision of leading locomotive remanufacturing with innovation and a constant striving to set the highest performance and quality standards in qualifying, rebuilding and remanufacturing single and multi gen-set locomotives. The company grew quickly, meeting the strong US demand for its services, primarily in refurbishing older locomotives with modern technology. At the same time, the company made donations to museums and non-profit organizations to preserve vital rail history. Further, during the process of qualifying and remanufacturing locomotives for various industries, MP&ES developed its own electronic braking system (EB99), PLC based locomotive control systems, operator interface/control stands and many other innovations.

In 2007, founder of MP&ES David Wilkerson furthered his innovative vision by commencing the design of a completely new line of single and multi gen-set locomotives, focused on environment, ease of maintenance, being more operator friendly and having more quality service and less down time. The company sold the first fleet of the new MP900C-BB locomotives to one of the world’s largest nickel mines, located in Africa. Exemplary of the high quality MP&ES product, the fleet has provided superior service and the customer has continued to purchase additional locomotives to grow its fleet. International sales to a wide array of customers on four continents now constitute half of the MP&ES business volume.

Moving forward with technical innovation and a focus on the opportunities presented by tightening emissions standards, MP&ES has continually increased its market presence in both the domestic and international sectors. With Tier III and Tier IV genset locomotive products in single, double and triple engine configurations, the company has provided its customers with cost effective solutions to reduce fuel and maintenance costs and increase reliability, all while reducing emissions. MP&ES is currently remanufacturing North America’s first all AC, 4 axle switcher locomotive, recently delivered the first diesel electric locomotive for the Isle of Man and is re-powering an EMD SW1200 locomotive to be equipped with Tier IV emission compliant engines and upgraded electrical control systems, amongst other projects.

MP&ES is now poised for another key innovation that will deliver unprecedented value for our customers. The company, with key partners, has developed a design for a dual fuel (natural gas and diesel) genset locomotive product line that will drastically reduce fuel costs by replacing expensive diesel fuel with low cost, domestically sourced, compressed natural gas (CNG). New and repowered locomotives will now be available with an ROI justified by the fuel cost savings alone. The major advantages in maintenance, reliability and emissions reduction come along with the package as included features.

MP&ES clearly continues to deliver on our vision to provide the highest quality locomotive products with the latest, cost effective technology, enabling our customers to achieve superior performance while also being environmentally conscious.

MP&ES is proud to be AAR M-1003 certified.