MP&ES Announces First North American Tier-4 Emission Compliant Contract

GREENVILLE, SC – 12/13/2013 – Motive Power & Equipment Solutions, Inc. (DBA/MP&ES of Greenville, SC), a leader in natural gas powered locomotives, announces near completion of the industry’s first Tier 4 compliant multi-genset locomotive. This award is unique as it was the first contract in North America awarded though competitive bid. Although one of hundreds of locomotives completed by MP&ES, this is the first to meet the EPA’s current Tier 4 locomotive emission standards, which drive the industry towards cleaner locomotives.

The locomotive, an EMD SW1200 Diesel switcher, has been in service for many years at SEPTA in Philadelphia, PA. This unit was repowered once before but did not meet new locomotive emission standards. Once completed, the locomotive will meet Tier 4, MP&ES advanced design specifications, and SEPTA requirements.

MP&ES has placed a high priority on adapting and responding to changes in the railroad industry, particularly those related to emission compliance, dual fuels, and emerging technologies. This contract is yet another example of the MP&ES commitment to offering their client base innovative solutions to transportation needs.

Through technology and financial investment, MP&ES is committed to serving the rail industry. The company provides existing and potential customers with fuel ambivalent transportation solutions, distinguishing the company product in the marketplace through their strategic plan, driven by two components:

Emissions: The EPA Tier 3 and Tier 4 emissions requirements are driving the development of cleaner locomotives.

Fuel Cost: Higher fuel cost will necessitate the demand and accelerate change. MP&ES has invested heavily in the development of dual fuel technology for locomotive applications. MP&ES locomotives offer fuel savings and alternative fuel technologies which ensure cost effective investment and deliver payback that exceeds customer expectations.

MP&ES seeks to lead the market by investing in technologies that ensure the company is well placed in the market of alternative fuel locomotive designs. MP&ES is committed to technology and design that can demonstrate the high levels of reliability expected by the industry. MP&ES made a strategic decision to invest heavily in emerging technology driven by emission and fuel cost savings. This recent award is another example of both this strategy and investment paying dividends to both MP&ES and their domestic and international list of valued customers.


David Wilkerson, President and CEO

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